If you had “Enough of the Corruption” – We have some information you May be interested in Researching: https://constitutionalconventions.ca/

At one time or another, most of us have embarked on an effort to change the current system that has been a part of ourselves and our lives.

As a rule, these sorts of changes don’t occur overnight, they take time and effort.

They tend to evolve through a multistage process:
First stage is voting in another political party to see NO changes.
Then writing your so-called elected politicians to have them ignore your concerns.
Then the next step, you create petitions, that never go anywhere.
Then, you protest and still they do not listen.

Then, you file court cases in their controlled system that is a waste of time and money.
So, after all these steps FAIL, what do you do?

You find a new path and research a plan, to actually create the change that is needed.

Here we have like-minded men and women to work on ideas, a plan, and a commitment to actually solve the problem.

The Problem is the System; yes the system, their system, created by them to enslave the sovereigns.
So, we discovered the problem, it’s their plan, their ideology, and their continued commitment to harm everyone.

So, we the sovereign man and woman, are committed, have a plan and a solution.
What is the most powerful document a nation can have?

A Constitution, not just any Constitution, a Constitution written by the sovereigns.

We are encouraging sovereigns to visit the website, do some research and to affirm the constitution.
MUST WATCH! https://rumble.com/vprk6g-if-you-had-enough-of-the-corruption-we-have-some-information-you-may-be-int.html

Welcome https://constitutionalconventions.ca/
There is also an Information Hub to ask Questions from 5 – 10 PM Eastern Time, Seven Days a week Days a week https://zoom.us/j/6945489985

We have constitutions written by sovereigns across the nation who volunteered their time in this great creation to our sovereignty.

We welcome all sovereigns to learn what we are educating, and we look forward to your ideas to achieving this goal for sovereignty.

On this website there are two informative videos you should watch: one is
“Canada a country without a constitution” https://rumble.com/vprldi-every-canadian-must-see-canada-a-country-without-a-constitution.html
and the other is: “Types of government”. https://rumble.com/vps9s4-types-of-governments-explained.html

How you are Governed! Explained!