Never Have so Many Known so Little About so Much HO, CANADA ! by R. Rogers Smith, ( Chief Wapanatak )
Canada is merely a geographical expression, not a political entity, says R. Rogers Smith, long-time battler for the right of Canadians to vote as Canadians, a right he claims they have never possessed.
In his final chapter the author proposes a “ do-it-yourself ” method whereby the individual Canadian can assert this right.

Writing often in a style, which has brought consternation to officialdom, R. Rogers Smith blends a scholar’s knowledge of Canada’s political history with a formidable array of facts, which cannot be disputed.

Here you will learn why the author states that: the American Civil War cost Canada more than the combined losses of North and South; that the British North America Act of 1867 was designed to keep Canada in colonial status; that as regards the Governor-General, there has been no alteration in the constitution of Canada since the capitulation of Montreal in 1760; that there is not now, nor ever has been a confederation of the provinces of Canada; nor has provision ever been made for the Canadian to exercise his franchise by voting as a Canadian*

Challenging controversial, plain spoken, HO, CANADA ! has not triggered any lively discussion but has prompted cover up action by the Canadian Government since its first publication, in 1965.

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