British Columbia

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Hello, all sovereigns of British Columbia.
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We Run The Zoom Room
Monday to Friday.

6pm to 10pm Pacific Time.
We The People, For The People, By The People.
We The People, Take The Power Back.

Here’s the Zoom Room Rules:

1. Listen to the hosts instructions.

2. Do not talk over anyone talking.

3. If you wish to speak, rase your hand and wait for the host to cue you to speak.

4. All participants have 5 minutes to complete their talking points. at the 5 min mark you will be notified by the host and allow you to continue if you can novice the host that you are about to rap up your points. The host may also ask you to take note or hold on to your thoughts and allow someone else to speak and then come back to you. this way forward production can keep at a steady pace.

5. Any two or more participants are in a squabble they will be sent into the breakout room (padded room) to continue their squabble there. This way they will not disrupt the rest of the meeting.

6. There is no drinking any alcoholic beverages while working on the BC Constitution draft or related documents. After we have stopped working on any important documents @ 10:00pm and we’re just talking, sharing vids or having related discussions, then you may have some drinks.

a) If anyone is drinking alcoholic beverages or they become belligerent, first they will be muted for 10 to 15 minutes till they have cooled down.

b) Once they are unmuted and they are still being belligerent, they will be sent into the waiting room for 10 to 15minutes to cool off.

c) Once they return from the waiting room and they are still being belligerent, they will be kicked out of the Zoom Room Meeting until the next day.