How to Create a Lawful Republic Administration (Hold Constructional Conventions and seat a De Jure Republic) How and who properly creates constitutions and sovereign Republic Nation. It requires merely a public consensus about the purpose of the nation and how to best achieve it.

a) First, there must be a Territory (such as a province, i.e. Alberta) whose sovereigns desire to be a Sovereign Republic Nation.

b) From among themselves the Sovereigns in and throughout their respective territory create Constitutional Convention Committees (which is in the works) throughout all the Nations/Provinces and Territories. Each Committee has Sovereign’s appointed in each Constitutional Committee Conventions who communicate with other Constitutional Convention Committees throughout the Territory. (which is being done in many areas throughout every province) With internet and the advancement of technology Constitutional Convention Committees throughout the Territory(s) of a Province with the formulation of a Constitutional Convention to create and Ratify a Constitution. This is a Constitution of, “We the Sovereigns for the Sovereigns by the Sovereigns” is how the Constitutional Conventions are being formed in every Nation/Province and Territory.

c) The Constitutional Conventions add the information from the Sovereigns to the draft. The updated draft is updated to Republic Constitution draft for the Sovereigns for review and public debate, to provide an opportunity for changes.

d) After numerous public debate they work out the changes, after which it is submitted again to the Sovereigns for review and further changes, if necessary.

e) This process is repeated until the Republic Constitution has become a formula acceptable to the Sovereigns.

f) Now the Sovereigns will be able to ratify the Republic Constitution with an affirmation; to accept the Republic Constitution. Constitutional Conventions has a secure digital e-signature that is transparent on their website to make the process easy for all to read, input ideas, and to Ratify the Republic Constitution.

g) If the Republic Constitutional draft cannot be achieved, further changes must be made until the Republic Constitution is acceptable to the Sovereigns.

h) The entire process is recorded and documented as proof of the Republic Constitution’s authority.

i) On the basis of the Republic Constitution an Administration is then formed, which is contractually bound (social contract) to respect it and conduct itself in accordance with it.

j) Now this Sovereign Republic Nation can form a federation with other Sovereign Nations if it wishes to do so.

Note: that no consideration has been given to the manipulative interference from privately owned media monopolies or Law Societies i.e. the BAR.

Note: that the Republic Constitution is created first, then the administrative body and then the courts, to create a Republic Nation for the Sovereigns, by the Sovereigns, of the Sovereigns, it cannot be any other way.

Note: no foreign Nations or entity can formulate (or create) the Constitution of another nation. It must be created by the Sovereigns themselves and becomes, for all intent purposes, their protected property. It’s not only lawful but is a contract, which subjugates the Administrative body to the Republic Sovereigns. The Administrative body derives a limited authority to administer from it, always subject to the Sovereign’s authority.

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